Summer Camp A- June 18

Summer Camp A- June 18


Location: West End Golf Club

Time: 9:00-2:00 PM

For ages 5-17yrs only. No golf experience required. Golf equipment is provided. 

*Families of 2 or more, please enter discount code "FAM25" to save $25*


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The Gator Junior Golf Association provides extremely individualized attention in our camps, limited size to 8 students and 3 instructors. We take pride in our quality of instructors provided to enhance the on-and-off course skills of our juniors.

The camp environment will be fun and interactive. Each student will learn the baseline set of skills introduced in the Beginner level, and more experienced students will received more focused attention on advanced skills. Students will walk away from camp with improved skills in the followed key areas:

*Basic Fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing

*Understanding of areas needing improvement and how to ensure improvement is maintained (through swing drills and practice techniques)

*Proper practice techniques

*Developing a positive attitude through demonstration of the First Tee’s 9 Core Values

*On course playing strategies and activities

*Knowledge of basic USGA rules and etiquette

Outline of Camp Schedule:

9-9:30- Registration, Safety Overview, Rule/Etiquette of the Day, Warm-up, Introductions

9:30-10- Putting Lesson, Practice, and Game

10-11- Short Game: Chipping, Pitching Lesson, Practice, and Game

11-11:45- Lunch

11:45-12:45- Full Swing Lesson, Practice, and Game

12:45-1:45- On-Course Play

1:45-2- Wrap-Up, Pick-up, Review