Compliance Overview


Before-Season Tasks:

  • Check for Active Facility (Golf Course) Contract with all Golf Courses
  • Class Registration Exports
  • Coach Reimbursements
  • Golf Course Insurance
  • Student AAU Insurance
  • Coach AAU Insurance
  • Reconcile Coach AAU memberships

During-Season Tasks:

  • Pay Coaches
  • Manage the compliance gmail

After-Season Tasks:

  • Pay coaches
  • Pay golf course
  • Prepare seasonal financial report; seasonal income statement and cash flow statement; statement of funds

8/31 Year-End Tasks:

  • Renew Level 3 Club AAU Membership
  • Renew *ALL* coach AAU memberships
  • Renew all golf course AAU insurance practice certificates
  • Audit financial statements
  • Tax Return due 1/15; begin preparations

12/31 Year-End Tasks:

  • Tax Return Due 1/15
  • Prepare calendar year financial statement; income statement, cash flow statement, and statement of funds

Team Member Role Summary

There are certain tasks that need to be separate.  The team member that audits and manages the financial excel sheet cannot write checks or make payroll disbursements.  All other tasks can be intermingled, and both team members should review each others' work.  It is essential to maintain an open line of communication between both team members.

Team Member A Tasks (Accountant)

  • Financial audit
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
  • Tax return

Team Member B Tasks (General Compliance)

  • Everything Insurance
  • Check writing
  • Gusto (Payroll) disbursements