Grow The Game.

Gator Junior Golf Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Donations are fully tax deductible.

Scholarship Programs.

The Gator Junior Golf Association provides children an opportunity to develop critical life skills to prepare them for their future.  Our Grow The Game initiative here in Gainesville is to make golf fun for kids that may not have otherwise had the opportunity. We provide financial assistance for those junior golfers who otherwise might not be able to attend our classes. We also provide a scholarship program to both Reichert House and Girls Place after school programs. We strive to touch all parts of the community to ensure that every junior golfer has the opportunity to succeed within our program.  Since our inception 2016, we've reached over 400 children in Gainesville, and nearly 30% of our students attend on scholarship.  


News Articles about us.

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Youth Development.

The Gator Junior Golf Association is about more than building the foundation for a great golf game. We have a unique curriculum which includes both golf skills and life skills.  Through teamwork, mentorship, and character development, our team aims to provide your junior golfer with the life skills necessary for success both on and off the golf course. At each and every class, we focus on one golf skill and one life skill, which include responsibility, honesty, and respect, among others. Our students go through our program and improve not just their golf game, but also develop attributes that will contribute to their success at all stages of their lives. 


Technology Integration.

The Gator Junior Golf Association offers online instructional content to our junior golfers to provide a seamless transition from in-class instruction to practice outside of class.  Program sponsors will be recognized on website instruction content, in addition to exposure at our golf course locations.  We use instructional videos and homework to reinforce the concepts taught in class.  Our online coach training is designed to equip our volunteer coaches with the skill set necessary to maintain a safe and productive learning environment as well as making the game fun for our young golfers.  In our 2 years of inception since 2016, the Gator Junior Golf Association has leveraged technology to scale our operations to offer golf classes 5 days per week to nearly 150 young athletes.  Help us Grow The Game by becoming a sponsor!