Recording an expense.

Bank Reconciliation

Reimbursement Process

Details of Finance Reimbursement Process:

  • Substantiation: Need to save the receipt to the dropbox.  Dropbox -> business -> finance -> reimbursements.
    • **receipts must have the DOLLAR AMOUNT listed in order to be considered valid substantiation (aka documentation)**
  • Authorization/Verification: Verify that the reimbursement is approved.  AAU membership ID has been issued and the coach must attend at least one golf class.
    • To verify this, you must know which class the person intends on attending and you must contact the Lead coach for that class to see if they actually came to the class.
  • Once the person attends one class, Gabby (disbursements team member) must contact Torri (auditor) to verify the amount of the reimbursement.  Inform Executive Director prior to disbursement.  Then authorize Gabby to release the reimbursement check from bank.
  • Email the person being reimbursed to let them know you have mailed a check to them and they should expect to receive it in X days


Bank rec, audits, grant recordkeeping, financial statement prep

coach payment processing via Gusto