Week Four: Pitching

Students will be able to:

  • learn the difference between chipping and pitching

  • learn how open, square, and close clubface during the swing

  • apply pitching drills to improve pitching skills

  • participate in a pitching contest

  • learn about loose impediments and honors

  • define honesty

Quiz 4

Week 4 Notes:

  1. Loose impediments are objects that are (1) natural, (2) physically and easily moveable, and (3) NOT touching the ball. If the object were touching the ball, by moving it you would be improving your lie, which we know is not allowed. You can move loose impediments anywhere except in hazards (water or sand). Penalty is 1 stroke. On the putting green, if your ball moves when you remove a loose impediment, you are not penalized.

  2. Honors in golf is an etiquette policy. Whoever gets the lowest score on a hole goes first on the next hole. If players tie, whoever went first on the last hole goes first again. There is no policy as to who goes first on the first hole, but often we flip a tee or play alphabetically.