Week Six: Direction

Students will be able to:

  • learn about the swing path

  • learn how to practice effectively

  • go on the golf course for the first time

  • learn about out of bounds and lost balls

  • define confidence

Quiz 6

Swing Path

Progress Report

Week 6 Notes:

  1. Out of Bounds (OOB): defined by ground that is beyond the boundaries of the course or any part of the course so marked by the Committee. Defined by WHITE…the line itself is OOB but if defined by white stakes/markers, the INSIDE of the marker is OOB, NOT the stakes/markers themselves. I’ll 100% use this weird rule to trick you on the quiz, sorry.

  2. Options for OOB are straightforward: stroke and distance. But wait, if you don’t know where the ball is, it is considered LOST. If the ball is lost, play a provisional ball, which is basically rehitting your last shot in case you can’t find the original ball. If you know your ball is OOB, you don’t play a provisional. If you know your ball is in a water hazard, you don’t play a provisional. You only play a provisional ball if you don’t know where your ball is…hence it is LOST. The penalty is 1 stroke, regardless.

  3. When in doubt, play a provisional. If you aren’t sure you will find your ball, don’t waste everyone’s time trying to find it (note: you have 3 minutes to search for a ball before it is declared lost). Play a provisional, and if you find your original ball, you can play that ball without a penalty. If you can’t find your ball, you must declare the provisional ball your new ball in play, and only then is the penalty incurred. Make sense?

  4. The most important rule is to play the ball as it lies. But sometimes that simply isn’t possible. Maybe you aren’t ALLOWED to play the ball as it lies (OOB). Maybe you have no idea where your ball is, so you can’t play it as it lies (LOST). Water hazards are a special case, because you have a few more options in your toolbox.