Play Day Instructions

Welcome Video

Detailed Instructions

Step 2 - Website Forms: 2:55
Step 3 - Notify Emails: 12:00
Step 4 - FAQ Email: 19:35
Step 5: N/A
Step 6 - Close Registration: 23:25
Step 7 - Make Groupings: 28:30
NOTE: look at word doc step 7 details for grouping instructions. Note, not all groupings are at the 100yd marker- this is listed only as the starting point.  Google what a shotgun start is if you need explanation.
Step 8 - Confirmation Email: 33:00
Step 9 - Play Day Operations: 37:15

Problem Areas: Sending Emails

Do NOT delete any email addresses when you send the initial signup email, even though some parents have already participated.  Be sure to include a disclaimer in your emails that each student is only eligible for one Play Day each season.

Problem Areas: Play Days

Special Situation: No More Student Availability

Special Situation: Priority Registration

Special Situation: Requesting Clubs