Week One: Grip

Students will be able to:

  • take quiz 1

  • review putting green and teeing ground rules

  • learn about grip and practice putting

  • understand how to keep score while playing on the golf course

  • play a scramble on-course

  • define respect



You cannot tee IN FRONT OF the tee markers…you can tee UP TO 2 club lengths BEHIND the tee markers.

•You get a 2 stroke penalty if you tee in front of the markers!

•Hmmm…tell me the difference between tee markers, tee box, teeing ground

•What is the difference between ADDRESSING the ball and INTENDING to hit the ball????

–If the ball falls off the tee while addressing it, retee without penalty

–If the ball falls off the tee while intending to strike it, play it as it lies with no penalty



•Repair ball marks

•Repair old hole plugs

•Mark and lift/clean your ball

•Tend or remove the flagstick when putting on the green (2 stroke penalty!)

•Remove loose impediments

•Hole out


•Touch the line of putt

•Repair spike marks

•Test the surface by rolling the ball

•Strike the flagstick (2 stroke penalty!)



•Watch for your shadow

•Don’t step in someone’s line

•Don’t run on the green

•Put your bag outside the green

•Repair ball marks with your divot repair tool

•Offer to tend/take out flagstick

Playing Program Policies and Procedures:

The objective of this level is to introduce players to tournament play on the golf course. This program will include individual and team competition, rules, etiquette, and course strategy. Skills include short game and full swing training and drills.


Who: Open to boys and girls ages 8+ who have completed Intermediate or have played in local tournaments

When: Saturdays 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Cost: $300 for 10 weeks

Dress Code: Boys: Shirt tucked in with belt and either shorts or pants

         Girls: Shorts or golf skirt must be mid-tight length.

Instructors: Max Meier (Lead Instructor), Jack Braverman (Assistant Instructor), Rica Tse (PGA Professional), John Reger (PGA Professional)

Weekly Requirements:

·       10 Minute Courtesy Rule: Please arrive at the golf course 10 minutes before class begins. Students arriving more than 10 minutes beyond the start of class will forfeit the class and return the following week. Parents must pick up their children promptly at the completion of each class. Come prepared with balls, tees, ball markers, and a divot repair tool. Rules books, pencils, and scorecards are provided. Push/pull carts are recommended.

·       Weekly Quizzes: Students should complete the provided quiz by the time class begins each week. Rules books are provided and accepted. One point is deducted from students’ tournament score for each of 5 points earned on the quiz.

·       Homework: Four homework assignments will be given during the semester. Due dates are provided in the syllabus on the first page of this document.

·       Scorecards: Students should submit their scorecards, signed, at the end of each session. Once G-stats are given out, students should also submit their G-stats. Improperly signed scorecards will not be scored. Scores will be accumulated across the ten weeks. Each week, only the number of holes every student completed will be scored.

·       Perfect Attendance: Three additional points are deducted for students who attended all 10 sessions. To be eligible for placement on the scoreboard, students should not miss more than two weeks.

Important Notes:

·       Inclement Weather: The instructors have an official decision 30 minutes before start of class if

class is cancelled, and all parents will be called.

·       Picking Up: A player not holed out at double par must pick up and mark the scorecard with the score plus “x”.

·       Parents: Parents may accompany students on the golf course but not during the practice session.

1) Parents must be at least 25 yards away from the player.

2) An instructor or volunteer will be with each group at all times.

·       Progress Report: Similar to other classes, a progress report will be issued on the tenth week of class. The progress report is provided on the course page and will be provided in class. Students will pass to the next level based upon their scores (how they place among the other students on the scoreboard), their submission of homework, a final exam given on the tenth week, and an approach shot challenge on the tenth week.