Week Two: Alignment

Students will be able to:

  • take quiz 2

  • review water hazard and bunker rules

  • learn about alignment and practice lag putting

  • understand how to keep score while playing on the golf course

  • play a scramble on-course

  • define courtesy


medium_img (1).jpg


Score will be kept but students are not expected to know how to properly keep score…yet.

Water Hazards:

  1. Regular (yellow)- middle of course

    •Play the ball as it lies…NO PENALTY

    –Because you are never penalized for playing it as it lies

    •Stroke and distance- rehit your last shot with a 1 stroke penalty

    •Drop your ball as far back as you want along a line

    –Two points define a line- the line is created by the point of entry and the flagstick

  2. Lateral (red)- side of course >>> assume water hazards are lateral unless marked by yellow

    •Drop the ball TWO CLUB LENGTHS from point of entry

    PLUS all regular options (so 4 total)


Types: Water Hazard, Bunker


  • For a bunker: Player touches sand in a bunker with his or her hand or a club when the ball is in the bunker. New rule: No penalty except when a player touches sand (1) with his or her hand or club to test the conditions of the bunker, (2) in making a practice swing, (3) with the club in the area right behind or in front of the ball or (4) in making the backswing for the stroke.

  • General hazards: Player moves loose impediments, touches the ground with hand or club or grounds the club in a penalty area when the ball is in the penalty area >>> NO PENALTY