Week Three: Ball Position

Students will be able to:

  • take quiz 3

  • learn about out of bounds/lost ball and ball unplayable

  • learn about ball position and stance

  • apply new chipping drills

  • play a scramble on-course

  • define sportsmanship



Out of bounds/lost ball-

•Your goal in golf is to play the ball as it lies 

–What if you can’t find your ball?

–What if you’re not allowed to play the ball as it lies?

•Out of bounds = outside boundaries of the course- defined by WHITE

•If you are not sure where you ball went, take a provisional ball (a new ball)

–You must announce you are playing a provisional

–If you find your original ball, you MUST use it

•You must take a penalty if you decide to use the provisional

•Can you stand OOB if the ball is in bounds? YES

You have THREE minutes to search for a ball before it is declared lost.

Ball Unplayable-

•You can deem your ball unplayable ANYWHERE *except a water hazard*

•3 options

–Stroke and distance

–Drop a ball two club-lengths of the spot of unplayable

–Drop a ball along a line create by the point of unplayable and the flagstick

If your ball is unplayable in a bunker:

New rule: A player may take relief outside the bunker back on the line from the hole through where ball was at rest for 2 penalty strokes.