Week Four

Students will be able to:

  • take quiz 4

  • lesson: review of GASP, putting, and chipping

  • practice: putting and chipping

  • parts of the golf club, divot repair tools and ball markers

  • rule: playing the ball

  • define sportsmanship

  • Group USA:

    • Rule: Abnormal ground conditions, cart paths, obstructions

    • Lesson: Pitching

    • On-course: Alternate shot

    • HW: W4 Review Sheet

Week 4 Notes Packet: To be reviewed in class


Playing the Ball

  • Play the ball as it lies. This is the MOST important rule in golf and your ULTIMATE goal!

  • Play the course as you find it. Do not improve your lie, the area of your intended stance or swing, or your line of play by moving, bending, or breaking anything fixed or growing, except in fairly taking your stance or making your stroke.

  • Do not press anything down or build a stance. The penalty for improving your lie is two strokes.

  • When you are in a bunker or water hazard and touch the ground with your club…New rule: No penalty except when a player touches sand (1) with his or her hand or club to test the conditions of the bunker, (2) in making a practice swing, (3) with the club in the area right behind or in front of the ball or (4) in making the backswing for the stroke.

  • If your club strikes the ball more than once in a single stroke (double-hitting), count the stroke- no penalty incurred.

  • If you play a wrong ball, you incur a two stroke penalty and must then play the correct ball.

  1. Tools to Succeed in Golf: ball, tee, ball marker, divot repair tool