Week Eight: Club selection

Core Value: Perseverance

Rule of the Day: Stroke Play vs. Match Play (Rules 1-3)

Lesson: Full Swing: driving

Practice: Driving

Application: Golf Course (Focus: putting green)

Homework: Quiz 8

Quiz 8

Progress Report Information:


The progress report for this class is extremely important. You must pass the progress report before moving to Playing 2. The progress report has 5 components, and passage of the progress report means successful completion of 4 of the 5 below components:

  1. Rules Component: this is an average of the eight quizzes given over the semester. The lowest quiz is dropped. You must receive a raw average of 75/100 to pass this component.

  2. Skills Component: you will complete a series of skills tests on putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing, each scored on a 10-point scale. You must receive a raw score of 25/40. The details are provided below:

    1. Putting: 1 point = 1 putt from 15 feet within a 3 foot circle OR 1 putt from 3 feet in the hole

    2. Chipping: 1 point = 1 chip from 15 feet within a 3 foot circle

    3. Pitching: 1 point = 1 pitch over an obstacle and on the green within a 10 foot circle

    4. Full Swing: 1 point = 1 shot in the air over 75 yards

  3. On-Course Component: you will complete a hole of golf and be evaluated by a professional on a pass/fail basis. The instructor will be evaluating pace of play, knowledge of etiquette, and overall course competency.

  4. Approach Shot Component: you will get to hit 10 shots from 50 yards, and must land the ball within a 10 foot circle to get 1 point. 6/10 points required to pass this component.

  5. Practice Component: you must independently practice at least 3 times during the semester.