Question 12: SOLUTION

You are working with a student, Johnny. The Lead Coach has just talked about focusing on distance.  Johnny putts the ball and the ball goes too far. What do you say next?

  1. Close enough
  2. What happened to your distance?
  3. Why did the ball go too far?
  4. You're a failure!

SOLUTION: A coach's intention must equal his/her attention.  If you intend on focusing on distance, your eyes must be looking at where the ball goes and you need to discuss characteristics of the shot relating to distance only.  We want to START with asking #3 because it specifically refers to the result of the shot.  #2 is a broad question that refers to the curriculum. 

Troubleshooting framework: ball goes somewhere -> ask why it happened -> refer to curriculum framework -> ask how to fix it -> finish by asking student to demonstrate the right way to swing.