Question 3: SOLUTION

Which of the following is an example of a "Guided" questions?

  1. What do you have to do to make the ball go shorter?
    • If we start by asking "What happened to your distance on that shot?" or "What controls distance?"- then this would be a good question to ask the student to "guide" them to the answer.  The answer we are looking for is "make a short Y". 
  2. What controls distance?
    • See above.
  3. You hit that ball too far, can you do better?
    • Maybe... if you want to challenge them!

SOLUTION: 1 and 2 are good examples of guided questions!  It is important to make the student struggle by asking good questions.  This stimulates learning.  When you're a student in college, if the professor gave you the answers to the test questions then you wouldn't learn anything.  Learning occurs when you struggle (within reason).  Slowly guiding them to the answer you are looking for will force them to refer to their curriculum knowledge.  We can eventually give them the answer, but these questions are what the kids will ask themselves when things aren't going well for them on the course.  This troubleshooting framework will bring order to a very difficult sport.