Volunteer/Coach Management

Require online coach training, assess golf class structure and deliver feedback to Lead and Assistant Coaches, coach orientation, coach grill-out (training and discussion), coach scrambles.

Volunteer Master List Updating

Coach Orientation

Goal of coach orientation: Prepare volunteers for the first day of golf class, and reinforce most important parts of coach training.

  1. Prepare for first day of golf class
    • Structure of class: 15 min warmup, 45 min of instruction
    • Purpose of warmup: to break up monotony of class and to encourage healthy habits and exercise.
    • Instruction structure: deliver lecture w/ 1 thing to work on -> small groups -> deliver lecture w/ 1 thing to work on -> small groups -> end of class competition
    • Important parts of coach training
      • Safety #1: Safety zone and tee markers; identify "danger zone" (no walking between tee markers and safety zone)
      • Safety #2: Getting water -> go as a group, not a big deal to stop your small group; children are vulnerable when alone
        • Must stay focused on 1 thing to work on even though the kid may need other things to work on
        • Golf is series of building blocks; Rome wasn't built overnight; focus on one thing at a time
      • Curriculum #2: What is our goal with the kids?
        • We want to develop well rounded students that are knowledgeable in rules & etiquette, life skills, and understand golf swing mechanics.  We don't expect mastery of golf swing skills until the Intermediate Level.
      • Curriculum #3: Asking good questions. Why is this so important?
        • Troubleshooting/Fixing the problem
        • Makes golf more interesting; kids may not be able to identify what happens on a good golf shot
          • Components of a golf shot (trajectory: high/low, distance: far/short, direction: left/right)
          • Ask the kids about each of these components after they hit a shot! (did it go high or low? why? (loft, letter L for high or letter Y for low or thin vs good contact- where did ball contact on the face?) Did it go far or short? why? (long Y short Y) did it go left or right or straight? why? (club face direction)