Week Seven: Distance

Students will be able to:

  • learn about yardage control

  • determine how to effectively choose clubs based on distance

  • understand how to play from uneven lies

  • practice choosing clubs based on distance

  • visit the golf course again

  • learn about putting green rules and ball unplayable

  • define responsibility

Quiz 7

Club Selection

Week 7 Notes

    1. Putting Green Rules and Etiquette…anything with a penalty is explicitly stated so!

      • Never run on the green.

      • Always place your bag on the side of the green, towards the following hole, when you are putting.

      • Whoever is further away should go first.

      • If you are not putting, you should mark your ball immediately.

      • Always repair at least two divots before you begin putting, assuming you have time.

      • Ask your partner if he’d like the flagstick out, in, or tended. The penalty for hitting the flagstick is NO penalty.

      • You can move loose impediments anywhere on the green unless they are in your line. Never touch your own line, because it is considered improving your lie and results in a 2 stroke penalty.

      • Don’t walk in someone else’s line. It’s rude. Make sure your shadow isn’t in someone’s line. It’s also rude.

      • When you remove the flag, place it relatively far away so no one hits it on accident.

      • You can repair ball marks and hole plugs on the green. You can also repair spike marks on the green.

    2. Ball Unplayable- you can declare your ball unplayable anywhere on the course, except a hazard (water/sand). You have three options, each penalized 1 stroke.

      1. Stroke and distance

      2. Drop a ball along the line created by the nearest point of relief (from where your original ball is) and the flagstick, no nearer to the hole.

      3. Drop a ball 2 club-lengths from the nearest point of relief (from where your original ball is), no nearer to the hole.