Student Profiles: Lucas K.

Lucas at at West End Golf Course

Lucas at at West End Golf Course

At the Gator Junior Golf Association, our mission is to enhance the lives of youth by promoting team-building, establishing mentorship, and building character through the game of golf.

Among our many classes offered, countless students improve drastically through both our technical and value-oriented instruction. Not only is it rewarding to see leaps and strides made on the course, but off of it as well. Here we profile one of our awesome students…

Lucas Kowal is a seven-year-old from Gainesville, Florida, currently in first grade at Wiles Elementary. He is currently in our Sunday Pee-Wee course and has been playing golf for two years.

A part of our program for a full season, Lucas learned how to hit balls “perfect” using our simple-but-effective G.A.S.P. method (grip, aim, stance and posture). His favorite part about golf is hitting his driver.

Lucas particularly enjoyed not only his Sunday class, but going to our Friday evening Play Day events, where he got to go on the golf course at West End and play with our coaches, especially Coach Amica.

Aside from crushing drivers and honing his swing, Lucas learned to never give up, that practice makes perfect and to show courtesy when someone else is hitting their shot – exceptional etiquette!

When not on the golf course or in school, Lucas loves to get hands-on and build machines, using pulleys, ropes, tubes, ramps and cardboard. He also enjoys finding “cool rocks” and going birdwatching with his grandparents.

Keep hitting it straight, Lucas!

Jack Braverman