Student Profiles: Lucas G.

Lucas and some of our students and teachers learning how to putt and chip.

Lucas and some of our students and teachers learning how to putt and chip.

At the Gator Junior Golf Association, our mission is to enhance the lives of youth by promoting team-building, establishing mentorship, and building character through the game of golf.

Among our many classes offered, countless students improve drastically through both our technical and value-oriented instruction. Not only is it rewarding to see leaps and strides made on the course, but off of it as well. Here we profile one of our awesome students…

Lucas Garcia is fourteen years old and originally from Miami, Florida. He has been playing golf for about three years now and is eager to take his skills to the high school level this coming fall when he enters 9th grade.

While in our Saturday playing level class this past spring, Lucas learned how to keep shots “straight and precise”, and what clubs to use in varying situations on the golf course. His favorite aspect of our programs is how weekly lessons are “easy to follow”, and how the coaches help each student in unique individual ways.

Lucas explained that his favorite part about the game is that it gives him the ability to take his time and prepare for each shot, saying that “while most sports give a tight time restraint to work under, golf always allows you to take your time and work on precision with each shot.”

Through the game, Lucas learned to keep calm and stay focused even when falling behind – a lesson that can be applied to all aspects of life!

When he’s not on the golf course, Lucas can be found helping his parents around the house in improvement projects or learning to play the piano.

Thanks, Lucas!

Jack Braverman